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Stir PlateStir-Plate 2000 - Magnetic Stir Plate

Click here for complete beer starter instructions.

Our stir plates feature:

PWM Technology - PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology is a better solution than a regulator based controller - PWM allows better motor speed control with less wasted energy. This means no heat from the stir plate box that could raise your yeast culture temperature higher than expected.

Low Power Consumption - PWM also means less power consumption. Regulator based stir plates waste a lot of energy - if the speed control set to half, 1/2 the energy is used to drive the motor while 1/2 the energy is turned into waste heat. And if the speed control set to one quarter, 1/4 the energy is used to drive the motor while 3/4 the energy is turned into waste heat. With a PWM system, power is fed to the stir plate motor in varying widths of full-on - full-off pulses. For 1/2 speed, the pulses are 1/2 on & 1/2 off. For quarter speed, the pulses are 1/4 on & 3/4 off. And because power is always all the way on or all the way off with PWM, there is no waste heat.

Low Profile, Compact Design - Measuring just over 1.5" high and just over 5" X 5" width and depth, our ultra-low profile case with 4 skid resistant rubber feet makes knocking your stir plate off the counter much less likely than other "cheap stir plates".

External 12V DC Power Supply Included - By using an external plug-in 12V DC power supply, we moved one more potential source of heat away from the stir plate. This also makes the power supply user replaceable in the unlikely case that it should fail.

Professionally Designed - All of our controller cards are professionally designed using state of the art PCB design and layout software.

Professionally Manufactured - Built on commercial quality double sided 0.062" FR4 PCB's with 1 ounce copper and full solder mask on both sides. The same quality construction you will find in any high-end electronics equipment.

Tough, High Impact Polystyrene Housing - No cheap Radio Shack project box here. We designed our stir plate to fit inside a commercial quality polystyrene housing that's strong enough to support any flask that will sit on the box.

100% Tested Product with 24 hour run-in - 100% of our stir plates are tested and 10% of our stir plates are run with 2000 ML Borosilicate Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks of water for 24 hours before shipping. As of 12/18/09 we have had zero run-in test failures.

Designed around Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets - No used or surplus hard drive magnets are used in our stir plates.

Includes one 1.2" long Stir Bar - We ship with one 1.2" long X 3/16" diameter stir bar plus a flat "keeper magnet" you use to hold the stir bar in your flask while pouring out your starter. We originally started with a 1.5" stir bar but discovered that a 1.2" long stir bar stays centered on the magnets better. Also, a 1.2" stir bar seems to work great in a container as small as a 500 ml flask, as large as a 1 gallon jug or anything in between.

Bright, large power indicator - We did not skimp on the power-on light - large and bright enough to see from across the room.

Linear speed Control & Control Range that you can Use - We designed the speed control in such a way that the entire adjustment range is useable. Some other controllers are set-up so that the top 3/4ths to 2/3rds of the adjustment range is too fast. With these other stir plates, only the bottom 1/3rd to 1/4th of the adjustment range is useable, making speed adjustment too sensitive. Our stir plate is designed to give the user full adjustment range. Note: Even with our adjustment range, some settings will be too fast or too slow for some flasks.

Flask shown in picture sold separately


Just $89.95 for a complete Stir Plate including power supply, stir bar and instruction sheet.

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