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120V Mash Tun Controller120 VAC Mash Controller - Supports up to 2200 Watt Heating Element

Includes Water Tight PT100 Type RTD with 1/2" MPT Threads - includes 1/2" FPT Stainless Steel nut

Includes programmable high temperature alarm with alarm cut-off switch.

8' Power Cord with 3 prong plug

Product Specifications:

Our 120V mash controller includes a fully grounded 8' power cord with 3 prong plug & socket.

We also designed in a panic button style on/off switch for those who want to permanently install this mash controller in their brew area or on their brew stand. The red mushroom switch twists right to turn on, to turn off just push the button in.

The controller is designed to work with up to a 2200 watt 120V electric heating element.

Because of lower wattage available from 120V heating elements we do not recommend using our 120V mash tun temperature controller to raise your mash water from tap temperature to initial strike temperature. Instead you should dough-in your mash with preheated strike water then have the controller make your final temperature adjustments & regulate your mash temperature. Once you have your initial heat applied this controller will have no problem maintaining your mash temperature or advancing to the next temperature during a stepped mash.

Using the MyPIN controller, the alarm is programmable to any temperature. For example, the alarm could be set to just below your mash temperature to inform you that your mash is close. Or the alarm could be set to 170F to inform you that your mash temperature is too high. The alarm sounds similar to a smoke alarm and can easily be heard in the next room. The left side front panel toggle switch turns the alarm on/off.

L5-20P 20 Amp rated twist lock power socket option

We now offer a 120V Blichmann Boil Coil option for an additional $30.00. This controller is manufactured with a L5-20P 20 Amp rated twist lock power socket - the exact power socket 120V Blichmann Boil Coils are designed to plug into. Please make sure you have an AC outlet rated at 20 Amps before selecting this option.

GFCI Power plug option

We also offer a GFCI power plug option for brewers without GFCI plugs in their kitchens. The GFCI power plug option is limited to 15 Amps / 1800 Watts because of current 120V GFCI plug limitations. Because of the 15 Amp limitation we can not combine this option with the L5-20P 20 Amp rated twist lock power socket option.

You'll need to provide separate power to your circulation pump.

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Our 120V Mash Tun / RIMS Tube Controllers are now available for $229.95 each through Amazon Checkout! The 120V Blichmann Boil Coil compatible option or GFCI plug option are available for an additional $30.00.



These controllers are also available through our www.Amazon.com storefront.

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