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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 01:19

If you have a foamy beer problem and the beer has been in your kegerator for a while, the first thing to do is take the beer’s temperature. To do this, pour a glass of beer then stick a probe type thermometer in the glass and note the temperature.

For any American style Lager such as Bud, the temperature should not be any higher than 38 degrees F. Other beers, depending on style, can be at higher temperatures but no beer should be more than 45 degrees F. If in doubt, ask the brewery or your local distributor.

Beer that’s too warm will foam no matter what you do and the only effective solution is to let your kegerator cool down the beer.   If you’ve just put the keg in your kegerator and the party’s starting soon you can speed up cooling by piling ice mixed with salt up on top of the keg and catching run-off water with towels as the ice melts. But don’t expect a miracle. Depending on the temperature of your beer, it may still take hours to pull the temperature down to where it needs to be. The best solution is pre-planning – pick up your keg that morning or the day before your party!

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