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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 01:23

Incorrect CO2 pressure is the number one or two cause for beer foam issues.

And you should look at CO2 pressure only after you make sure the temperature is right. Some experts recommend 14 PSI but I find 14 PSI to be a little too high for most home kegerators. Your CO2 regulator should be set to around 9 – 12 PSI, with 9 PSI set as a good starting point.

To set your CO2 pressure right, first make sure your temperature is right. Then start at 9 PSI and pour a beer. Slowly increase your pressure until you see a foaming problem then back off about 1/2 pound.

The correct pressure is the pressure that pours a beer that’s bubble free as it leaves the mouth of the beer faucet. Too little pressure and CO2 will start breaking out in the beer line and will show up as small bubbles coming out with the beer. Too much pressure and beer will be spraying out of the faucet.

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