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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 01:26

Cleanliness is everything to a kegerator and prevention is always better than cleaning after the fact.

The first line of defense is to never let your keg coupler fall to the bottom of your kegerators or rest unprotected on any surface, including the top of either keg while changing out a keg. If you do then the business end of the coupler can pick up “who knows what” and introduce an infection into your new keg. Instead, stick the coupler in a clean plastic bag with the gas and beer lines sticking out of the open end to prevent contamination.

Next, purchase a small trigger sprayer, the type some people use to mist houseplants and fill it with cheap vodka. Then every day or two, place a bar rag under the mouth of your beer faucet and spray the heck out of the inside of your beer faucet. The alcohol on the vodka will kill anything trying to grow inside the mouth of your beer faucet and the water will flush out any drying beer residue.

Follow these instructions religiously and you’ll only need to thoroughly clean your beer line three or four times a year!

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