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120V Mash Tun Controller

  • Includes water proof PT-100 sensor with 1/2" MPT threads & stainless nut


  • Includes 12' 10 Gauge SJOOW Power Cord, 4 prong dryer plug and 3 Prong twist-lock outlet


  • Dryer plug can be converted from 4 to 3 prong, you supply the plug


  • Controls up to a 5500 Watt element


  • Compatible with GFCI breakers (we test all of our controllers on a GFCI circuit)


Product Specifications:

Our 240V BIAB controller includes a brew kettle boil controller and a mash controller wired in parallel and selectable through a front panel switch. We chose this design instead of a PWM programmable PID controller because being brewers ourselves, we know what it's like to scramble to prevent a boil over. The last thing you want to do is fiddle with a PID control panel while facing a boil over. With our design you just reach over and turn down the knob a little.

Note: Not shown in these pictures but this controller also controls the 120V pump you will need for a BIAB system. Our controller is fully compatible with GFCI circuits. For up to date pictures please visit our Amazon listing at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1KTH9M.

Designed to control your mash temperature and then boil, all in one pot and with the same heating element.

Start your mash with the PID controller then when you are ready to brew, just flip a switch and use the control knob to manage your rate of boil.

Fully GFCI Compatible.

12' Power cord with 4 prong dryer plug. Can be converted from 4 to 3 prong dryer plug but you lose GFCI compatibility with the conversion.

One 3 wire 30 Amp rated twist-lock heating element outlet.

Water resistant all aluminum housing.

Full linear control and PID control, all in one compact box.

Low cost compared to other solutions.

Controls one 240V, 5500 Watt electric heating element.

Controls one 120V pump. The most popular BIAB circulation pumps are manufactured by MARCH and Chugger.

Includes four mounting tabs for mounting on your brew stand or can sit on your counter top.

Simple, easy to use design - just plug in and use.

Additional Pictures:

BIAB (Brew in a bag) controller


Our 240V Electric BIAB Controllers with 4 prong power plugs are now available for $389.95 plus shipping each through PayPal.

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