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Solve your BEER FOAM PROBLEM with our Tower Cooler!!!!

This beer kegerator tower cooler is designed to cool the beer tower on a direct draw type draft beer system. With a direct draw system, the beer keg is stored in a refrigerator or cooler right below the beer tower. If you own a home kegerator you own a direct draw type draft beer system.

The number one complaint about any direct draw kegerator is that the beer faucet & shank get warm and your first 1/2 glass of beer is always foamy. But the solution is less than 5 minutes away - just install our tower cooler. Our tower cooler works by continuously blowing a small volume of cold air into your beer tower and the cold air keeps your beer shanks and faucets ice cold. A side benefit is that the continuous cold keeps faucet mold and bacteria growth at an absolute minimum.

It's easy to tell if you need a beer tower cooler. If your first glass of beer is always foamy but the next glass is less foamy or not foamy at all then you need a beer tower cooler. And here is what's going on with your kegerator:

Heat rises, cold air falls and your kegerator has nothing inside to push cold air up into your beer tower where you need it. This means that between servings your beer tower shank and faucet warm up to room temperature.
Then when you serve your first glass of beer the cold beer hits the warm beer shank and creates beer foam.
Because your beer shank and faucet were cooled by your first glass of beer, the next glass poured and any glass poured right after the second glass have less foam. You will continue to have less foam as long as you keep pouring glasses of beer, but no-one drinks that fast.
Then when you stop serving for a while your beer shank and faucet warm back up, starting the cycle all over again.

If this explains your kegerator problems then you need a Beer Tower Cooler!

And even better, if this is your issue our beer tower cooler can pay for itself with less wasted beer in less than two full kegs!

How can we claim this cost savings?
In most places a keg of beer is about $100 and a keg contains 124 16-oz glasses of beer, that's about 80 cents a glass.
With a serious foaming problem you are easily pouring out 1/2 glass of beer or more per couple of pours. Your situation might even be worse - you know your kegerator.
So, if you are pouring out 1/2 glass every 2 pours that's 8 ounces for every 32 ounces of beer you are drinking.
8 ounces + 32 ounces = 40 ounces and 8 ounces is 20% of 40 ounces.
In other words, you could easily be pouring 20% or $20 of every keg you are serving down the drain!
That's $40.00 per 2 kegs and our tower cooler is only $39.95! (plus shipping)

Our tower cooler features:

Works with any kegerator with a 3" or larger diameter beer tower - home built or store bought.
Works with homebrew or draft beer.
Easy to install - just insert into your beer tower, plug-in and you are ready to go.
Uses a very powerful but tiny 40 mm fan to blow just the right amount of air into your beer tower.
Includes three foot of 1" OD hose to push the cold air into the beer tower and on to your beer shank.
Includes a energy star energy efficient power supply.
Power supply can be unplugged - can be run under the kegerator door gasket or through a hole you carefully drill through your kegerator wall.
Uses less power than a old style 15 watt night light.
Saves money through less wasted beer!
Our beer tower cooler includes everything - no tools need unless you want to (carefully) drill a hole through the side or back of your kegerator for the power supply cord. We even include a Zip Tie to tie your tower cooler hose to your beer line!

Install is simple with no tools needed:

Unpack the beer tower cooler.
Push the open end of the cooler hose up into your beer tower until it stops.
Use the supplied nylon zip-tie to tie the hose to your beer lines.
Plug the power supply into a wall outlet or extension cord.
Run the thin power cable past the kegerator door and plug into the Beer Tower Cooler.
For a cleaner looking install, you may want to run the power cord through a small hole you drill through the side or back of your kegerator. Be careful to avoid refrigerant lines if you decide to drill through the side or back of your kegerator.

Note: A beer tower cooler will not solve other issues with your kegerator like incorrect CO2 pressure, short beer line, warm keg or beer faucet / tower cleanliness issues. Your kegerator is a beer delivery system and this tower cooler, like any other, is designed to address one nagging problem. If you install our beer tower cooler or anyone else's or you build & install your own and still have a foaming problam, you have another cause not related to the beer tower getting warm. But once you solve that foaming issue, the problem this beer tower cooler was designed to solve - the issue where the beer tower and beer shank stay warm - will also be solved.

Our Tower Coolers are now ON SALE for $39.95 each through Amazon Checkout!

Wholesale Sales - Any tower cooler wholesale enquiries should be directed to FOXX Equipment.

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